A Pod

Year 1-3

Home Learning


A Pod has taken steps to share their learning online through Class Dojo and Google Classrooms.

Each class will run their own learning on their Google Classroom page according to the Year Levels of the children in each class and the topics they have chosen to learn about.


A Pod will have set work on Google Classroom and they will receive their login information from their class teachers.  Tasks will be set through Google Classroom.  Class Dojo will be used for parent communication mainly throughout the year.  Post your questions/queries through Class Dojo and the teachers will be able to answer these straight away.


There will be links to resources useful for reading and writing on each Google Classroom page, there will be ideas for what you can do at home to help your children maintain and remember the learning that has taken place at school.


*Remember to have regular breaks between learning activities but most of all, make home learning a fun time. We understand you have your responsibilities as parents in the home to carry out too.


Thank you

A Pod Teachers