On Class Dojo: 

  1. Teachers will post notices, messages, stories and links to other learning resources on Class Story.
  2. Students can post any learning they want to share in their own Class Dojo portfolio (video or photo).
  3. Teachers will be available to answer queries and respond to your Class Dojo messages during school hours, in-between other work-related responsibilities.

There are several  important links and Ideas in Google Classroom for your children to select activities from, most of which can be independently completed. To join, log into Google Drive (student account ….@marymackillop.school.nz), then click on these links:

B1 Google classroom 

B2 Google classroom 

B3 Google classroom 

B Pod also has a full resource bank in its Google Site. Here, students can access tutorials, practice games, e-books and activities. Educational games do promote learning, so don’t be concerned about time spent here, the teachers have carefully selected them all. To get to our Google Site, students must first log into their Google Drive account, then use the shared link (or type in the Google Site URL in a new tab:  

From their Google Drive, students can also open the Google Classroom app (click on the 9 dots in the top, right corner), for set tasks from their teacher. 

If you have lost access to Class Dojo or Google Drive or want to share other great resources,  please email your teacher:

B1: kathis@marymackillop.school.nz

B2: timac@marymackillop.school.nz

B3: emmar@marymackillop.school.nz

Feel free to ‘request access’ to anything sent that is linked but not shared.