Dear Parents, Caregivers,

To continue with regular day to day learning during the coming weeks, I will be communicating via the school blog as well as the
school email address.

On the right side of my blog you will find the following essential curriculum areas:
• A5 2020-Religious Education
• A5 2020-Health & Wellbeing
• A5 2020-Maths
• A5 2020-Spelling
• A5 2020-Reading
• A5 2020-Writing
• A5 2020-Topic
• Key Competencies

I will also be updating my blog with daily/ weekly posts.

I look forward to your child making progress through this online
and interactive learning.

Please feel free to comment on the blog.

A5 email address:
School Web address:

Thank you and stay safe during this time.
Kind Regards
Mrs. D’Silva
New Entrants Team Leader
24th March 2020