Enrolment Criteria

As per the Private Schools’ Conditional Integration Act 1975, only 5% of our student roll can be non-preference where space allows.  The remaining 95% must be preference or Catholic students.

Please refer to the Information for Parents re PREFERNCE OF ENROLMENT Feb 2017 to check if your child would be applying for a Preference or Non-Preference place.

School Enrolment Policy

St MMK School enrolment policy Mar 2018.docx

Pre Enrolment

Once your child has turned three years old please contact the school office to pre enrol.  Your child’s name will then be added to the School’s pre-entry register.  This helps us to plan classes and staffing into the future.

Enrolment Pack

Enrolment packs are available from the school office, and are also available by clicking the following link.

Enrolment form (4)

Initial forms to be completed are a Pre-enrolment Application and preference form.  Please arrange a time to meet the Parish Priest who signs the Preference Form. Alternatively you can download a form from our website,  Preference certificate Auckland Dio – 2017

Transition to School Visits

Pre entry visits help to introduce your child to their class and teacher before starting school.  A staff member will contact you via telephone and a letter confirming your child’s enrolment.  Dates will be confirmed for your 2 visits.

Throughout the year we will keep you informed of the School’s activities, as well as keeping you informed of your child’s progress.  We will also alert you to any change in the pattern of your child’s development for example, academic, emotional, physical or social.  You too can help by keeping your child’s teacher informed by sharing any information that might effect your child e.g a family bereavement etc.