Student Led Conference

Congratulations to our school community for our successful Student Led Conferences.  Students, families and staff participate in two Student Led Conferences each year.  To date we average 96% of our families completing a conference .  A great success for our community, students and staff.  During the conference the student leads the discussion by sharing their new learning and next learning steps.

Student led conferences aim to achieve the following goals:
• to encourage student responsibility for their academic performance
• to encourage students to self-evaluate.
• to increase student self-confidence.
• to encourage discussion between students, families, and teachers.

Key Beliefs
The student is the centre of the learning conversation
Students are the ones who need all the information yet traditionally they are the ones who have known the least
If the teacher does the talking then the message is the teacher is in charge and the holder of all learning
Every student should have the chance to discuss their learning with a significant adult in their life

The focus is on the child’s learning

The ownership of the child’s learning is with the child